Taken To Task (2015)

‘Taken to Task’ celebrates the work of female artists and collectives whose work deals with performative and task orientated processes, documented through video. The exhibition traces a linage of female artists using video as a means to explore aspects of duration, labour and performance; often utilising simple actions that connote complex concepts and histories.

The artists selected all share a relationship of having exhibited at Kudos Gallery and have contributed greatly to the community at UNSW Art & Design in various ways over the last two decades. The exhibition will also include the work of current students and recent graduates who are continuing on in this tradition.

Brown Council, Katthy Cavaliere, Beth Dillon, Michaela Gleave, Amala Groom, The Kingpins, Claudia Nicholson, Giselle Stanborough, Julie Vulcan.

Curated By Dara Gill
Publication by Minty Samuels


  • Exhibited Kudos Gallery, Sydney
  • Year January 2015
Taken To Task (2015) Taken To Task (2015) Taken To Task (2015) Taken To Task (2015) Taken To Task (2015) Taken To Task (2015) Taken To Task (2015) Taken To Task (2015)