MCA: Sonic Social (2014)

Curated by Performance Space.
Malcolm Whittaker, Julian Day and Luke Jaaniste, Michaela Davies, Song-Ming Ang, Lauren Brincat
and Bree van Reyk.

Curated by Jeff Khan and Tulleah Pearce.

Shot and Edited by Dara Gill.

Sonic Social presented a series of participatory performance works that explored social relationships created through sound and music. The six works in this program examined the connections between sound and human behavior, and the cultural conventions and structures we build around sonic experience.

Featuring new works by Lauren Brincat and Bree van Reyk, Michaela Davies, and Super Critical Mass as well as interactive performances by Song-Ming Ang and Malcolm Whittaker, Sonic Social mobilised the dynamic interplay between humans, architecture and noise.


  • Client Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Year June 2014
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