In Action, Inaction (2011)

In Action, Inaction continues Gill’s investigation into the topic of anxiety with a focus on the gap between intention and action. In this new body of work Gill examines what effect anxiety has on action and explores its paralysing effect. He asks, what forces us to put off tasks that seem important? What role does logic play in spurring action? And can inaction be attributed to the mundane, the repetitive or the impossible?

  • Exhibited MOP Projects & Kings ARI
  • Year 2011
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In Action, Inaction (2011) In Action, Inaction (2011)

NOW Counter (Current Birthrate/Deathrate) 2011
High-Definition Video, LCD Television with Media Player, Perspex
Two televisions flash the word 'NOW' at the current birthrate (four births per second) and deathrate (two deaths per second).

In Action, Inaction (2011) In Action, Inaction (2011) Untitled (Survey with Stones) 2011
Untitled (Survey with Stones) 2011
Stones, rope, timber, clipboards, paper, survey from found book
Participants complete a survey from a self-help book by placing stones in the 'Yes' or 'No' pile to indicate their answer.

In Action, Inaction (2011) In Action, Inaction (2011) To-Do List 2011
To-Do List 2011
50 page custom designed notepad, offset printed. Signed edition of 250
Custom designed 'to-do' notepad given as gift to audience during the exhibition 'In Action, Inaction' at MOP Projects Sydney and Kings ARI Melbourne.