Horror Vaccui Experiment 2009

Stills from video documentation. DVD Video, varying lengths.
The Horror Vaccui experiment involved six participants. The six participants were not told what their contribution would entail, but simply that they were to be apart of an “art project”. The subjects arrived individually. They were greeted and asked to follow the artist to an empty white room, the only object inside being a stool. Their possessions were stored safely outside of the room. They were then asked to wait in the room while I went out to ‘grab something I’d forgotten’, an act of deception. The door was closed, locking the subject in. The subject was to sit and wait for my return.
A camera was concealed in the space to document their time waiting in the room. After approximately 20 minutes, the door was opened and the subject was let out. The subject was informed that their waiting was their contribution to the project.