John Fries Memorial Prize 2013

I was lucky enough to be selected as a finalist in the John Fries Memorial Prize to be held at Gaffa Galleries 24 August 2013 – 14 September 2013. The list of artist is amazing and I am humbled to be surrounded by so many great Australian artists! This year was curated by Sebastien Goldspink from Alaska Projects. The prize is to be judged by Dr Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Felicity Fenner, Dr Sanné Mestrom and Kath Fries.

The John Fries Memorial Prize 2013 Finalists are:
Lucas Abela, FlipOff
Aaron Anderson, Suburban Ruin #5
Svetlana Bailey, 13/11
Maureen Baker, Ngayuku Mamaku Ngura (My Father’s Country)
Ella Barclay, Ebb
Chris Bennie, The Western Fields
Serena Bonson, Wangarra Spirits
Sarah Contos, Souvenir
Keg De Souza, Living Under The Stars
John A Douglas, The Visceral Garden
Sophia Egarchos, Levels #2
George Egerton-Warburton, Boredom is a desk with human legs in a fish spa
Benjamin Forster, Dysgraphia
Dara Gill, Untitled (Rubber Band Portraits)
Greedy Hen, We Just Ignore the Neighbours
Samuel Hodge, Tickets Still Available
Simon MacEwan, All that is solid melts into air
Vincent Namatjira, Award
Liam O’Brien, Whistling in the Dark
Jess Olivieri & Hayley Forward, Harlequins V’s Visitors
Tom Polo, Fields of Uncertainty
Bryden Williams, Techno Fire